1inch hydraulic ram pump kit

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The Ram Pump Kit, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, offers a sustainable and efficient solution for accessing free water. It’s designed for easy installation and is perfect for various applications including agricultural irrigation and home use. Its eco-friendly operation, requiring no external energy, makes it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious users.


Hydraulic Ram Pump
An old technology that allows you to pump water from a creek or river.
If you are manufacturing or searching for accessories for a water hammer pump, congratulations! You’ve found a treasure~! We can provide you with a complete set of accessories~! With just one order, you can purchase all the necessary components. Our product’s structural design enhances the rational operation of the water hammer pump and adds an aesthetic touch. Once assembled, you’ll discover it’s a beautiful piece of art, and we believe you’ll love it~!
Its main structural components are made of stainless steel, ensuring both durability and safety. Of course, before purchasing or using the water hammer pump, there are three key considerations you should prioritize:
-The 1″ ram pump requires at least 6-10 gallons per minute (gpm) to operate. Therefore, you need to check if your water source can consistently provide an adequate water flow.
-To ensure proper pump operation, a minimum inlet height of 5 feet is required, with the optimal fall ranging between 9 to 20 feet.
-Using this ram pump, you can achieve a maximum lift ratio of 1:20 (and potentially even higher). This means that for every 1 foot of water flowing into the pump, you can expect a lift of 10-20 feet. However, please be aware that as the lift height increases, the water output may decrease. This is an important factor to consider~!
To install the hydraulic ram pump, you will need two additional components: a drive pipe to bring water into the pump and a delivery pipe to transport water to the desired location. The drive pipe should have a size of 1 inch (or a larger size is also acceptable). It is recommended to prioritize the use of steel pipes, followed by PVC or polyethylene pipes. The recommended length of the drive pipe is 6-8 times the FALL. The delivery pipe can be of any size or material. (We will provide two additional components for connecting PVC or polyethylene pipes to the pump, making it convenient for your use.)

No matter which manufacturer or homemade structure of hydraulic ram pump you use, if you encounter difficulties, please feel free to contact us. We will provide guidance and advice for free~!


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